We hear you!

You want to know whether 1st Cool offer coloured air-con units within their air conditioning installation service. The answer is yes! We can offer you white, black, silver and mirrored air-con units.

We have personally seen clients use these colours to compliment a room in some sleek and fantastic ways, such as this stylish, modern, black mirrored unit that we at 1st Cool recently installed for a lovely customer: 

Air Conditioning Installation

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This stunning air conditioning installation perfectly compliments the brickwork behind it and will keep this customer’s climate in their home at the necessary temperature providing the best comfort. 

A similar necessity one of our other customers were looking for when they decided to have air conditioning installation from 1st Cool. Below is a Daikin Emura Air-Con Unit fitted into a conservatory. The customer was pleased with the install and can now use their conservatory in not only the winter months but now the summer months too. 

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Whether you’ve had your air conditioning unit for years or whether it’s new, it’s important that it undergoes regular services to ensure efficient performance. If they’re more intensively used, it’s recommended that commercial air conditioners are serviced at least twice a year, depending on the environment they’re used in. On the other hand domestic air conditioners, should be serviced at least once a year as their usage is often far less. Whether your unit is used in a commercial or domestic environment.

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